Strategic goals

Strengthen and widen comprehensive ATMPs R&I expertise

The partnership with Fraunhofer IZI, ULEI, and UCPH will expand the current MU cell-based ATMP R&D to beyond the state-of-the-art R&I&D of cell and gene therapies. A central vision of CREATIC is to deliver the research results to patients. Such ambitious goals will be implemented through 7 research programmes, combining STM and SSH disciplines

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Build a role model institution

Managing the institution effectively and ensuring the capacity for long-term economic and operational sustainability requires conditions consistent with the highest international standards. We will draw on best practice and know-how from our partners Fraunhofer IZI, University of Leipzig, Copenhagen University. We have designed an autonomous management structure and research management services for the Centre under the umbrella of the Masaryk University Faculty of Medicine which will create the conditions for a continuous growth of the Centre's scientific excellence and its benefits for European citizens.

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Create an ecosystem to foster pathways to deliver ATMPs to patients

To ensure the exploitation of the CREATIC results and co-creation of the specifications for the research activities, we will coordinate the ecosystem of collaborating institutions and bodies on regional, CEE, and EU levels. Through a series of inclusive and responsive stakeholder engagement activities we will obtain real-world data which will help to better understand the real and perceived challenges and opportunities for an effective implementation of ATMP innovations. The empirical data will provide an informed basis for designing, developing and implementing infrastructures which will support the innovation ecosystem responsive to stakeholder interests and concerns. This will foster greater trust, accountability, accessibility, and effective adoption of ATMP innovations.

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